New Poll Has Still More Very Bad News For Democrats

Drawing by evlio via Flickr Creative Commons

Drawing by evlio via Flickr Creative Commons

A new Monnmouth poll has some discouraging news for Democrats.

First, despite the impeachment nonsense, President Trump’s reelect number continues to edge up.


But the real news was deeper inside. For instance, Trumps favorable/unfavorable rating with registered beats all the major Democrat candidates.

When you look at his favorable/unfavorable when compared to the Democrat field among independents who are registered to vote, you begin to see the problem.

Trump in 50-50 with those voters and he has a much higher favorable rating than any of the leading Democrats.

If this looks familiar, it should. It fits into the picture that is being drawn for us of how Trump is holding firm in GOP states and beginning to pull out ahead in battleground states. Read
Thanks Impeachment: Trump Now Beating Every Democrat in Three Battleground States
New Emerson Poll Has More Bad News for Democrats and Impeachment Fans


While impeachment and general jackassery might help Democrats run up big numbers in areas of New York, California, Illinois, Washington and Massachusetts, this scorched earth #Resistance is being rejected by moderates and by independents in key states the Democrats must win in order to be competitive in 2020.

This is not to say that President Trump has the election in the bag. He, unlike most any other incumbent in my lifetime, has the ability to go out and create an utter disastrous sh** storm any day of the week. His reelect number is moving in the right direction and even if it never hits 50%, my gut feeling is that being much more popular than any of his opponents, particularly in places he has to win, will push him over the finish line.


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