Democrat Impeachment Witness Mocks Barron Trump To Make a Nonsensical Point

While a lot of today’s sham impeachment hearing chaired by Jabba the Hut Fat Jerry Nadler was a snoozer, there were parts that were an absolute dumpster fire. And the fire was mostly centered on a vicious, spiteful harpie named Pamela Karlan. I don’t say that as pure invective, because you couldn’t watch her in action and not come to that conclusion. To Karlan. this was a chance to try to do political damage to the president. It had nothing to do with Trump’s conduct or actions or the law. It was simply a political hit. She didn’t even bother to hide her antipathy for President Trump despite being tasked to masquerade as a dispassionate interpreter of the deepest thoughts of the founding fathers.


In fact, Karlan was considered as a replacement for David Souter on the Supreme Court but even Obama considered her to be too far left.

Where things really got lit, though, was when she lobbed out a “joke” than had obviously been rehearsed.

This was just played to help the #Resistance types and the Bulwark staff engage in self-pleasuring. It wasn’t funny. It wasn’t germane. It didn’t make any conceivable point. I imagine Karlan and bunch of her hirsute, cat-lady companions sat around dreaming up some way that she could really dunk on President Trump. So being the crappy human that she is, she elected to use Trump’s teenage (barely) son as a punchline. But this is pretty much how the left operates, recall if you will the clowns than tried to break into Tucker Carlson’s home and terrified his wife and kids in the process.


In the first 0:19 of this, Matt Gaetz figuratively horsewhips her at the cart’s tail for her efforts at humor.

Melania Trump got into the act

The Trump Campaign paid attention to it

And the White House issued an official statement


The insane part of this entire episode is that a month ago, Trump was criticized by Biden fluffers in the media for, in the words of Sean Davis,

and yesterday, this clown from NBC News chastised Jeb Bush for mentioning that Elizabeth Warren lied about sending her kids to public school.

Let the record show that Jeb Bush was referring to the education received by a guy who is now over 40 years old.

Eventually, there was enough heat on her that she apologized, but only in the most begrudging way possible

I don’t think the Democrats accomplished very much today beyond demonstrate that this is simply a partisan hatchet job, but whatever they accomplished was more than offset by the damage this deranged crone did.



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