CNN and MSNBC Use Their Chyrons to Make Up Testimony That Ambassador Sondland Did Not Give

Yesterday was supposed to be a big day for the Democrat impeachment charade being carried out by Adam Schiff. I suppose if you are sufficiently down the road of terminal TDS you think that was the case and believe a lot of damage was done. And to hold that belief you need to totally ignore things like this:


Keep in mind that last week, Reuters reported that Ukraine’s Foreign Minister said that US Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland did not link an investigation into Joe Biden to the U.S. aid.

And this is what Sondland has said in closed-door sessions.

  • There were  no preconditions regarding Ukrainian aid.
  • President Trump told him, “I want nothing. I want no quid pro quo. I want Zelensky to do the right thing… to do what he ran on.” [Page 105-106]
  • He does not know when, why, or by whom the aid was suspended.   [Paragraph 4 of his addendum.]
  • He only “presumed” the aid was held up because Ukraine didn’t release an “anti-corruption statement.” [Paragraph 4 of his addendum.]

Not only were those things said behind closed doors but they were reiterated time and again in the testimony. But, if you were watching CNN and MSNBC you saw something completely different. You saw a campaign of outright lies being carried out via chyrons.


Sometimes the lie was so obvious even CNN was embarrassed. READ PALATE CLEANSER: CNN Changes Chyron in Real Time During Sondland Testimony.

This is how Oliver Darcy, whose integrity and manhood was put in a lockbox in an undisclosed location to enable him to defend the unethical crap CNN pulls day in and day out, frames is:


Nothing could be further from the truth. What CNN and MSNBC did was take a day of testimony that went strongly in the favor of the White House and literally make up talking points and attribute those to Ambassador Sondland. The snippets they pulled, when they weren’t patently false, were mostly out of context and designed to further the narrative CNN and MSNBC have pushed for three years: get Trump no matter what the cost.


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