Rand Paul Leaves Chuck Todd Acting Like a James Bond Martini When He Tells Him the Bottom Line on Impeachment

Rand Paul was on Meet the Press with Democrat operative Chuck Todd today. Among other things, they talked about impeachment. This is the key exchange.


Chuck Todd: Are you an open-minded juror, let me ask it that way?

Rand Paul: I am very open-minded and fair-minded. You will not meet a person who is more fair than I am. I really do believe that justice should be color blind, gender blind. You name it. I think justice should. You know one of our traditions about justice, about finding justice is, the defense should be able to present their witnesses. If you can’t call Hunter Biden and the whistleblower, that’s sort of a sham. That’s not really a trial. So I am fair-minded, but the trial has to be fair.

Todd is left like:

Paul is completely right. Aside from the tired arguments–which, on the left, change by the hour depending upon which line of attack they are pushing at the moment–over whether the House is acting as a grand jury or a fact-finding body, what is happening is the attempted removal of a president because his policy preference in Ukraine was not that preferred by the permanent bureaucracy and because he insisted on treating the corrupt Biden family like any American president would treat any other group of skells. To facilitate the impeachment of the President, Adam Schiff and his fluffers have decided to follow the example of judges in the Ninth Circuit; toss aside long-standing precedent and operate in a way that is calculated to hurt the President and his administration.


Paul is correct. Should this travesty come to the Senate and Mitch McConnell decide to go along with a farcical trial, Biden and Ciaramella must be forced to testify. The entire Clinton outreach to Ukraine in 2016 must be explored, the quid pro quo by QuidProJoe must be dissected, Hunter Biden must be forced to explain how he earned $83,000 per month. Otherwise, they will be complicit in the Stalinist show trial that Schiff has put into action.


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