Adam Schiff Proclaims Impeachment Witnesses Can Only Talk About Three Subjects. What Could Go Wrong

Just a little earlier today, House Intelligence Committee Chairman and de facto leader of the House impeachment caucus, Adam Schiff, released a directive in which he identified the only three areas potential public witnesses would be allowed to testify about:


Schiff is also requiring Ranking Member, CA Republican Devin Nunes, to submit a list of all the GOP’s potential witnesses no later than “Saturday, November 8” (apparently calendars are not available to the House Democrats) and he must provide “detailed” justification of each witness.

It is difficult to imagine why the GOP would play along with this farce. I noted when the impeachment resolution was passed, a process that gives Schiff the right to make up rules as he goes along and deprives the minority of any role other than that prescribed for them by the majority is not just and should be treated with maximum contempt and disrespect.

I hope the House Republicans throw sand in the gears of this jalopy Schiff has set in motion and reveal to the nation that what is actually happening is a partisan coup combined with political score-settling.


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