Donald Trump Retweets UFC Champ's Words and the Media Run for the Fainting Couch

Last night, President Trump, along with NY Representative Pete King, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Donald Trump, Jr., and Eric Trump, was in New York City’s Madison Square Garden to watch a series of Ultimate Fighting Championship bouts. I give the guy props because he knew he was going to be booed, he was booed, and he let the people booing know that he really didn’t care. And while this tweet by some NBC weenie emphasizes the boos, there were a lot of cheers as well.


One of the main bouts was the welterweight fight between Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz.

What had been thought to be a pretty even match was called off when Diaz started to resemble a piñata.

After the bouts, Masvidal was awarded the BMF belt–BMF, naturally, signifying Bad Motherf***er–for his dominating performance.

Masvidal did the ritual trash talking in the post fight press conference then this:

Naturally, Trump noticed:


Not unsurprisingly, some of the media went after Trump not only for his tweet but for having the temerity to watch such a distasteful sport. This is some guy called Tim O’Brien who, according to him is executive editor at Bloomberg Opinion and engages in public onanism on MSNBC (NTTAWWT). This, and Twitter blue check mark, give him all the credentials that he needs to opine upon what the lower classes should not engage in.

Seriously. F*** this guy. This wussy douche doesn’t get to decide what anyone watches. He may think Drag Queen Story Time is the pinnacle of excitement but a lot of people like combative sports and the fact that some guy with a handgrip like a wet sponge engages in submissive urination when he sees MEN fight doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with the sport. (I was going to make a joke about what McCain may have meant by “cockfighting” but decided it would be in bad taste.)


O’Brien can look down his ample snoot at Trump and the people watching UFC. He and his ilk have made a career out of it. But what Masvidal said is going to resonate in a lot of places and in a lot of communities that do value toughness. What he said counts. What O’Brien said simply shows how out of touch the people who think they are our betters are with the American people.


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