Gun Grabbing Michigan Democrat Learns That Holding a Rally at a Gun Range Is a Bad Idea

CREDIT: Representative Haley Stevens Facebook page

Last night, freshman Michigan Democrat Haley Stevens held a rally in a gun range. The subject was curbing gun violence. If I had been a mole in her campaign, this is the kind of even I would have pushed for.


This is how it was decribed by The Detroit News:

The hour-long, Q&A-style event at the Multi-Lakes Conservation Association was hosted with Fems for Dems, a grassroots group, and aimed to cover topics such as safe firearm storage, protecting victims of domestic violence and preventing attacks, organizers said.

But Stevens, Michigan House Democratic Leader Christine Greig and State Rep. Robert Wittenberg were often drowned out and interrupted by protesters at the gun club, some of whom repeatedly shouted “NRA” in reference to the National Rifle Association.

An estimated 200 people filled the conservation association building, which is situated on club grounds that include pistol, rifle and shotgun ranges. Some carried signs with messages such as “Vote out Haley Stevens — a liar.”

Earlier Tuesday, Meshawn Maddock, chair of the 11th Congressional District Republican Committee, had issued a statement saying many people would oppose Stevens and “holding a town hall to protest our Second Amendment in this District is a mistake.”

It was actually a lot worse


This is, in a nutshell, the problem facing Nancy Pelosi. President Trump won Michigan 11 by 50-45 and GOP Representative David Lott won 53-40. Lott retired in 2018 and left a weak candidate to run in a wave election. Stevens ran for election promising to work with President Trump but last week she signed onto a call for impeachment. Impeachment is not popular there and, unlike 2018, GOP voters are exercised. You can bet this kind of a scene is playing out across the country. But, as Nancy Pelosi said, she is willing to sacrifice her House majority if it means she can impeach Trump. Let’s see how that works out for her.

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