Andrew Cuomo Places Blame for Impeachment in a Most Unlikely Place

Andrew Cuomo by Zack Seward, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

Last Thursday, New York Governor Andrew “He’s Fredo, not me” Cuomo and former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie shared the stage at Seton Hall Law School. The subject was civility in politics and how they’d maintained their friendship despite their political differences. So, naturally the issue of impeachment came up.

This is what Cuomo had to say:

I think we now go to a very long and unproductive road,” he said during a chat on political civility at Seton Hall Law School with former N.J. Gov Chris Christie, according to The New York Daily News.

“Speaker Pelosi was dealing with pressure from her caucus and…there is a heightened leftist component to the Democratic Party that she was feeling pressure for,” Cuomo said. “She is a deliberate, responsible person. She is not a knee-jerk person and I think she even resisted the pressure in her caucus admirably for a long period of time.”

“They’re doing their quote unquote inquiry. I think the Ukraine issue raises a lot of questions and I think it is for an investigative committee, it is fodder they can spend months, one witness after another, one witness after another, on all sort of different tracks,” Cuomo said. “Where does it go ultimately? Nowhere, because even if they vote for impeachment, it goes to the Senate and it wouldn’t happen in the Senate.”

“So my guess is that this continues and blends into the presidential campaign. The problem with that is that nothing else is going to get done between now and then,” he said.

I think all of that is true. I think Pelosi was dragged into allowing impeachment to go forward because she lacks the moral courage or political strength to hold off the pressure of the far left in the Democrat caucus…which now is a solid majority. I think she knows that going down this road is not helpful to retaining the red and purple seats the Democrats scabbed in 2018 (see Nancy Pelosi Has Lost It, Says She’s Willing To Lose The House If It Means Trump Is Impeached and some far left members are clear that they don’t care about keeping House seats because their seat is not in jeopardy Video: AOC Has A Totally Not Stupid Plan For Impeaching Trump But It Involves Some Sacrifices). Cuomo is right that nothing is going to get done between now and then because President Trump has no incentive at all to let Democrats go home with any accomplishments and force them to fight over impeachment during a time of prosperity (assuming things hold) and an absence of conflict abroad. This is not a bad thing as one of the “things” to be done seemed to be the administration caving and going along with universal background checks.

What is amazing here is that Cuomo clearly sees this is going nowhere. He sees that there is a huge political downside to persisting in it. And yet, he, like Pelosi are so cowed by the far left in their party that they would rather sit idly by and accept the misfortune that comes their way than risk confrontation.

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