Adam Schiff Is Using the Russia Hoax Playbook Again With the Whistleblower Complaint

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FILE- In this Feb. 5, 2018, file photo, Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., ranking member of the House Committee on Intelligence, pauses while speaking during a media availability after a closed-door meeting of the House Intelligence Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington. Two weeks after President Donald Trump blocked its full release, the House Intelligence Committee published on Saturday, Feb. 24, a partially blacked-out version of a classified Democratic memo aiming to counter a GOP narrative that the FBI and Justice Department conspired against Trump as they investigated his ties to Russia. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File)

If you’re getting a feeling of déjà vu (or, as it was sometimes called in the infantry, vuja de, or “I can’t believe we’re doing this sh** again”), that a lot of it seems eerily familiar to the recently dismantled Russia hoax, there is a good reason for that. What you’re witnessing is an information operation being carried out with the purpose of a) generating a new independent counsel, b) requiring Bill Barr to recuse himself, and c) hamstringing President Trump by embroiling him in yet another high profile investigation with impeachment a possibility.

Let’s take a look at what’s happening.

The complaint, itself, is basically bogus. There is no crime alleged, there is no wrongdoing alleged. You may not like Trump wanting Ukraine to complete an investigation into Joe Biden’s son, but the sons of political candidates do not get get-out-of-jail free cards. If you recall, Neil Bush was investigated for his minor role as a member of the board of directors of Silverado Savings and Loan when his father was a candidate. You may not like Trump’s view of Joe Biden extorting a favorable decision from the Ukraine by threatening much needed aid, but none of that makes those actions illegal. The Trump administration deciding to restrict access to Trump’s phone calls is really an inconvenience to partisan leakers, but it is not a crime or misconduct. It is a management decision that is will within the authority of every president. Just like with the Russia hoax, a string of innocuous happenings is tied together with a meta narrative and made into a fake scandal.

Just like with the Steele Dossier that, contrary to the utter bullsh** slung about by the left and by NeverTrumpers, was the underpinning of the entire Russia hoax, once this complaint starts being analyzed, it begins to fall apart. For instance, we know that immense pressure was put on Ukraine by Biden to fire the prosecutor. We know that Ukraine did not know funding was being held up until weeks after the phone call with Trump. Much as Michael Cohen never visited Prague, some of the witnesses the whistleblower claimed were present were not:

There has been a rampant effort to weaponize the media, often involving the same Fusion GPS linked figures who fed the Russia hoax, by lying to the public about the actual facts in the case. Major scoops are generated that turn out to be lies or false



You are also seeing the close coordination between Congressional Democrats and the source of the complaint just as you saw with the Russia Hoax. This is how Sean Davis describes that aspect

And this


Even reflexively anti-Trump people have noticed that the complaint seems less like a complaint than a carefully lawyered document.

This is simply a do-over of the Russia Hoax. They discovered what worked. They discovered what doesn’t work. They are running the same play, with modifications, trying to achieve this time what they failed to do with Mueller.


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