Joe Biden Says Male Prisoners Should Be Allowed to Demand Access to Female Prisons, This Is a Dangerously Stupid Idea

Mayor Pete Buttigieg with former Vice President Joe Biden after delivering remarks at Galivants Ferry Stump, SC, Sept. 16, 2019. (Photo by Lawrence Jackson) by Pete for America, licensed under Public Domain.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg with former Vice President Joe Biden after delivering remarks at Galivants Ferry Stump, SC, Sept. 16, 2019. (Photo by Lawrence Jackson) by Pete for America, licensed under Public Domain.


On Friday night, Joe Biden was at LGBTQIA+ (add more letters, numbers and special characters as needed) Forum in Iowa. He spent some time trying to explain away his previously held, and imminently logical, positions on homosexual marriage and homosexuals in the military and condescend just a bit to organizers. No word if any arms were squeezed or hair sniffed. But there was one interesting segment which is not going to get the attention that it should.

…yes, and by the way, in prison, in prison the determination should be that your sexual identity is defined by what you say it is not what in fact the prison says it is. In that case, you should be entitled, also, to Ob-Gyn…anyway…you didn’t ask that question…

The best you can say about this is that it is a shameless pander to a fringe element of a fringe element. The worst you can say is that Biden actually believes this and that would make him dangerously stupid.

This is not merely a guest. We actually have a test case of what happens when a prison system adopts this policy. Naturally, it comes from a nation that has thrown away all pretensions of being serious, Great Britain.


David Thompson was a sexual predator with a nearly two decade history of offenses.

White, formerly known as David Thompson, had a history of sexually offending which stretched back to 1989 when he indecently exposed himself to a nine year old boy near a children’s playground.

In 2001 he sexually assaulted and committed gross indecency on a 12 year old boy in Leeds, and two years later raped a pregnant woman after spiking her soft drink with vodka.

He also committed multiple rapes of a 23 year old woman before changing his gender and demanding to be known as Karen.

Britain being Britain, he’d largely skated on these offenses. Around 2014 he moved into a public housing project and demanded to be known as “Karen White.” Again, naturally, everyone went along with him. In 2017, he was arrested for “grievous bodily harm, burglary, multiple rapes and other sexual offences against women” and held without bond. While he was being held, he made his claim of being a woman and the gutless bureaucracy, rather than offend his delicate sensibilities, moved him to a women’s prison. What the f*** ever could go wrong? Glad you asked that:

After initially being charged with the prison sex attacks, White had told the court she could not be guilty because she was not attracted to women and also suffered from erectile dysfunction.

But at a previous hearing, prosecutor, Charlotte Dangerfield told Leeds Magistrates’ Court that she had carried out the first offence within days of arriving at the prison.

The prosecutor said White had struck up a relationship with a fellow inmate which had quickly become inappropriate.

She explained: “The defendant would stand very close to her, touch her arm and wink at her. Her penis was erect and sticking out of the top of her trousers.”

On September 26 last year White approached another inmate. Miss Dangerfield said: “She made inappropriate comments about oral sex, which made the complainant feel sick.

“She took hold of the complainant’s hand and put it on the defendant’s left breast – she could feel her padded bra.”

On a third occasion on 5 October White again made inappropriate comments about oral sex to another prisoner.

“She gave her a bear hug and the defendant pushed her hips towards her with such force that the complainant could feel his penis,” said Miss Dangerfield.


Thompson drew a life sentence for his crimes along with his brief reign of terror at the women’s prison…he has to serve 9 1/2 years before he’s eligible for parole.

I’ll just state upfront that my personal view is that transgenderism is mostly a sexual perversion drafting in the slipstream of an extremely rare yet trendy mental disorder. For every one adult suffering from some kind of definable confusion about their own gender, there are a dozen who will demand to have their balls waxed or insist on playing on girls’s athletic teams or using women’s bathrooms. That society has allowed this to take root is a lasting shame to Western Civilization…or the mangy, scrofulous remnant of that once magnificent edifice that dominates today. It is one thing to go along with this madness in day-to-day life, it is another thing entirely to let the felons set the condition of their incarceration. Prisons are not there for the self-actualization of felons. Their feelings are not the objective, the objective is them a) completing their sentence without b) killing or injuring staff or other inmates. That Biden can’t grasp that elementary concept shows he’s more unsuited for the Presidency than Trump on his worst day.

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