DNC Tells Huge Lie About the Odessa Shootings Just To Fire Up Their Base

Democratic Donkey by DonkeyHotey, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

Democratic Donkey by DonkeyHotey, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original


Over the last day we’ve learned how Seth Aaron Ator, the Odessa-Midland shooter, obtained his weapon.

There was a lot of early confusion because it looked like, based on publicly available court records, that Ator had a couple of misdemeanor convictions which were handled by probation. These should not have kept Ator from buying a weapon. Om Monday, though, Texas governor Greg Abbott tweeted:

This indicated that either Abbott had bad information or there was something out there that had been overlooked.Two days later it was revealed that a court had adjudicated Ator as mentally deficient and that he’d failed a background check when he attempted to buy a firearm in 2014. This got the juices flowing at CNN where James Comey’s minime, Josh Campbell, breathlessly reported that the weapon had been bought in a “private sale” that allowed him to evade a background check.


Way to go guys, burning down what little remains of your credibility retweeting a story by a shill who couldn’t pick Truth out of a two-man line up.

The reason CNN and its fellow travelers were going after the private sale story so heavily was that it dovetailed very nicely with the campaign to outlaw, for all intents and purposes, private gun sales. If the guy failed a background check and still bought a firearm, well that was the “gunshow loophole” personified.

As it turned out, the shooter bought his weapon from someone who apparently was making and selling them illegally.

Betsy Vaughn breaks the whole story down here.

A great narrative shot down. Nope. Not if you’re the DNC and willing to say literally anything to push an agenda.

Putting aside the obvious lie that background checks will hurt the NRA’s bottom line (the NRA doesn’t sell weapons) and the nonsense “weapon of war” meme, universal background checks would have done nothing to prevent the shooting. If you are illegally making weapons the odds of you being deterred from selling one based on the buyer having failed a background check approaches zero.

Get used to this.

The Democrats are shut out of the White House and their stranglehold on large parts of the Judiciary is under siege. If they don’t win in 2020, their cause of destroying this nation will be set back by decades. They are desperate to win and the will say or do anything they think they have to do in order to make that happen.

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