Reporter Behind Libelous Bloomberg Hit Job on Leif Olson Justifies His Lies in True #Resistance Fashion

Image by ArtWithPam from Pixabay

If you ever needed any more proof that our media are simply the paid henchmen of the progressive movement and the Democrat party, you need look no further than the sorry and shabby spectacle carried out on the pages ob Bloomberg News yesterday.

A vicious, lackwit “senior reporter” named Ben Penn (presented as a “know your enemy” courtesy) posted a story, a story approved by Bloomberg mamagement, that accused Trump Labor Department appointee Leif Olson of anti-Semitic comments Trump Labor Aide Quits After Anti-Semitic Facebook Posts Surface. The anti-Semitic comments were actually clearly sarcastic commentary on Paul Ryan’s demolition of Pauh Nehlen in 2016.

Read the story by SisterToldjah for background.

By way of indictment, Penn trots out some of the pro-bono litigation that Olson has been engaged it. A notable non-conservatve and spastic-kneejerking anti-Trumper Ken White notes that Olson’s pro bono work didn’t really have a political tone:

As media, left and right piled on to the feckless goof trotted out this by way of defending a action that is simply grotesque in its maliciousness:

Yep. Never mind that I lied. Never mind that I libeled a good man. Never mind that this calumny that I conjured out of thin air will forever be associated with this guy any time he is googled. He was a Trump appointee. Why are y’all so upset. Viva le Resistance.

And, I think there we come to the true motive. Penn was pointed to the Facebook posts by someone in the labor movement who wanted Olson taken out. Penn cheerfully engaged in this deeply dishonest smear job and, thanks to an absolutely gutless response the Department of Labor, succeeded. Now he can’t understand why he isn’t being carried about the stadium on the shoulders of admiring throngs.

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