Laurence Tribe Inadvertently Makes the Case That Progressives and White Supremacists Have a Great Deal in Common

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Right now the extreme left, which, unfortunately, covers just about 90% of the Democrat party and 100% of its viable presidential candidates, is tying itself in knots trying to link every possible GOP and conservative issue to racism and/or white supremacism. Immigration control is racist. Fossil fuels are racist. Math, quite possibly, is racist. The latest entrant to the White Supremacy Olympics is by Harvard Law professor (naturally) Lawrence Tribe. Tribe had a fairly distinguished career and was touted as a Supreme Court nominee at various times but being a straight, white male is not a good evolutionary strategy for political advancement in the Democrat party. However, with the election of President Trump, Tribe has started to unravel to the point where now he’s just batsh** crazy. (When you were a kid, did you ever peel the plastic cover off a golf ball and use a magnifying glass on the interior rubber bands? If so, you have a mental image of how Tribe is behaving.)

What Tribe is trying to do is link the pro-life movement to white supremacy because some white supremacists are in favor of abortion of babies by other than white women.

Let’s take this step by step. Tribe is correct. At least some white supremacists are in favor of abortion of non-white babies. Ramesh Ponnuru points to an example:

This is from Richard Spencer in that article:

We should recognize that the pro-life movement—this is not the alt-right, this has nothing in common with identitarians, and I think we should be genuinely suspicious of people who think in terms of human rights and who are interested in adopting African children and bringing them to this country and who get caught up on this issue. We want to be a movement about families, about life in a deep sense, not just “rights” but truly great life, and greatness, and beautiful, flourishing, productive families. We want to be eugenic in the deepest sense of the word. Pro-lifers want to be radically dysgenic, egalitarian, multi-racial human rights thumpers—and they’re not us.

The truth is, as Spencer states, a lot different.

Currently, over a third of pregnancies by black women end in abortion:



But, despite black Americans being only about 13% of the population, numerically, more black babies are killed in utero than white babies.



The pro-life movement has been on the forefront of stopping eugenics of all kinds. We are the ones agitating against the barbaric practice of euthanasia. We are the ones saying that stockpiling unused embryos that are the byproduct of IVF is wrong. We are the ones fighting to prevent sex-selective abortions (in practice, most victims of this are girls but feminists are all in favor of it…go figure). We are trying to prevent the abortion of children who may or may not have Downs Syndrome. And we are the ones fighting to crush Planned Parenthood which looks upon the black and Hispanic communities as its prime market for selling its services. If the pro-life movement is white supremacist, it may be the most inept white supremacist group ever. Moreover, the opposition to abortion is not rooted in race or economics or utilitarianism. It is based of the ethics and worldview of the universal Christian church.

On the other hand, the people fighting for unlimited and unregulated abortion are of the progressive movement. Even Richard Spencer figures out the game here:

I think when we think about abortion we often think about these careerist women who otherwise would be part of families but are instead having abortion out of pure selfishness and greed. The fact is that it isn’t like that. Those highly intelligent career women will have abortions on occasion, but to be honest they’re using contraception and they’re avoiding pregnancy, is what they’re doing…The people who are having abortions are generally very often black or Hispanic or [people] from very poor circumstances, to be honest.

It doesn’t matter that white supremacists want to increase abortion among non-whites, because that isn’t the main thrust of the movement. Besides, Hitler was a vegetarian and a pet-lover, so you really can’t equate what a movement is about by what a tiny number of people in a fringe movement think.

Abortion is undeniably sold to the lower socio-economic classes, regardless of their race or ethnicity, as a means of birth control. And the group of people who have the fewest abortions is the very type of people whose numbers the white supremacist movement wants to increase and the most victimized people are those the white supremacist movement wants to get rid of.

And you can see by the numbers who is winning the battle right now.

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