Joe Scarborough Sees Russian Influence in the Epstein Suicide

Joe Scarborough has a fever and the only cure is more Russia hoax.

Saturday, accused sex trafficker and pedophile (technically ephebophile because I don’t want the real pedophiles in the Democrat party to get angry at me) was found a victim of Arkan-cide (and this is a joke, I shouldn’t have to underline it but I will) hanged in his cell at the federal lockup in New York City.


In short order, you see these tweets by various leftwing idiots

(Yo, Ron, dude, you can take off the make-up, they stopped filming Beauty and the Beast years ago.)

And this from the outer space

You expect it from these morons because that’s what they do. They are simply saying whatever they need to say to excite the crotches of their fan base. And that is a pretty low bar to cross.

But then you get this:

On the one hand, one shouldn’t be surprised. Scarborough is a man who has repeatedly demonstrated that he has questionable honor or integrity. He abandoned his family for a mistress…at least once. He shamelessly sucked up to Donald Trump to the extent of rehearsing interview questions with him and even partied with the Trump campaign after Trump’s New Hampshire victory. Then, in a sudden volte face, he peddles every conceivable conspiracy theory involving Trump and Russia for nearly three years. Scarborough tried to keep the fraudulent dossier and the equally fraudulent Mueller investigation afloat long after both were obviously self destructing.


But, on the other hand, it is sort of amazing that someone who fancies himself a journalist of one stripe or another would further degrade himself by essentially starting his own conspiracy theory…naturally centered on Russia. In fact, his own vestigial conscience apparently kicked in as he has since deleted the tweet. This part of the equation is most puzzling because Scarborough, himself, was subject of all manner of conspiracy theories after an intern was found dead in his office. You’d think he’s at least be sympathetic to the idea of not making baseless accusations of complicity in murder having had them made against him.

When he was called to account even by some of the worst names in the business…imagine having tentacle-porn connoisseur Kurt Eichenwald question your judgment…he tried to play it off as a “glib” tweet.

Here’s the guy who doxxes meme makers for a living

Even Qatar was offended…or maybe Wikileaks


Scarborough, of course, is welcome to sling whatever bullsh** he thinks will keep his audience amused and those paychecks coming in, after all, alimony and child support can’t be all that cheap. What is sort of stunning is that no one at MSNBC even cares.

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