Russia Suffers an Unplanned Nuclear Event at Restricted Naval Base. They Call It Thursday

Welp. I hate it when this happens.

Here are some thoughts on this.

If the Russian government is admitting it happened at this level, the actual level of the danger is exponentially higher.

Taking iodine does diddly for radiation exposure per se. Nothing does anything for radiation exposure. But a placebo is great for population management. During the Yom Kippur War, the Israelis captured Egyptian vehicles with USSR issued “anti-radiation pills.” They were essentially Dramamine and other substances that would block the symptoms of radiation poisoning right up until death.

This kind of slipshod management of conventional, chemical, and nuclear weapons is pretty much the day-in-day-out standard in Russia as it was in the USSR.

The explosion took place at a high priority base of the Russian Navy. This is going to impact readiness, though perhaps not so much as alcoholism, nepotism, and general incompetence.

Oh, yeah. Thoughts and prayers, tovarishchi.

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