Twitter Suspends Project Veritas for Revealing Pinterest Blocked Pro Life Website as Porn

Yesterday, James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas revealed that Pinterest had deactivated the account of the major pro-life group, Live Action, and blocked the ability to save items from their site to Pinterest. Pinterest blocked Live Action by declaring it to be a porn site and in their notification about account deactivation claimed that Live Action provided misleading medical information (this is demonstrably a lie as the medical information on the site is written/reviewed by actual doctors) and for pushing anti-vax messages (Live Action is against the harvesting of fetal tissue of use in vaccine development, a position the US government is in agreement with). O’Keefe received his info from a Pinterest insider.

This is the full video

These are the key out takes via Twitter:

The last seems to have given Pinterest’s fellow anti-Christian, pro-infanticide, pro-Democrat ally, Twitter, the reason it needed to suspend Project Veritas:

This is a transparently bullsh** excuse for bullying yet another conservative, or at least a non-liberal, who refuses to toe the line to the nasty little SJWs who seem to run Twitter. What Twitter did was say that investigative reporting violates its terms of use and that revealing actual evidence of Big Tech censorship of political viewpoints with which they disagree is a banning offense.

Stuff like this is why I believe that the full force of the federal government needs to be marshaled to extract vengeance from these people. I could care less what the Bulwark boys and their fan club bleats about “muh private corporation” and “principles” and “don’t use them.” We have the necessary tools of power and woe be to us if we don’t use them, while we can and before it is too late, to make the existence of Twitter and Facebook and YouTube and Google and Amazon and PayPal so painful and onerous that they will either voluntarily dissolve into smaller business units, be broken up by legal action, go out of business, or decide to stay the f*** out of national political discussions.

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