Fired New Yorker Fact Checker and Failed NYU Journalism Prof Lashes out at Freedom of Speech

Remember Talia Levin, the woman who was fired as a fact checker for New Yorker for claiming that a disabled vet who worked for ICE had a Nazi tattoo? The woman who was fired from Media Matters…imagine how batsh** crazy you have to be to get fired from that dung heap. The woman who was fired from her NYU Journalism School gig (class title: “Reporting on the Far Right”) because no one enrolled? Now that she’s safely unemployed she’s opened up about her distrubing personal habits and given some insight on a) how she seems to be pretty typical of reporters and b) why they should never be allowed to write anything for public consumption.


First, the personal habits. Lavin seemed to think that a person who has made a career of being an irresponsible jerk and trying to get other people fired went passive-aggressive in a huge way when The Wrap’s Jon Levine reported she’d been turfed out of her comfy, no-work job at NYU:

It’s true: only 2 students signed up for my class.
Here’s some other hot news for Jon and his editors:
Once I threw a VERY elaborate theme party in college and no one came.
In high school, a bunch of boys stole my journal & read my sex fantasies about my English teacher aloud. 1/
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Another time in high school, a boy stole my shoes while I was taking a nap and hid them in a light fixture. I am very short.

I recently asked a guy I went on a date with if he wanted to kiss me and he responded, “I don’t know what to say.” 2/

I was doing a public reading earlier this year and had a panic attack onstage so bad I almost fell over and couldn’t finish reading.

Every time I eat, food is like, magnetically attracted to my breasts and often clings there unnoticed. Disastrous for a tuna bagel enjoyer. 3/

One time I confused the words for “boat” and “spoon” in Russian and told a friend she could get over her sadness “like the people rowing in spoons over the Dnieper during the battle of Kiev.”

I always try to do Kate Bush songs in karaoke and fail. 4/

One time my shoes broke mid workday. I worked at the World Trade Center at the time so I limped over to the nearest store and wound up wearing souvenir NYPD flip-flops for an entire day.

I have pretty strong natural body odor and have to work to counteract it at all times. 5/

The pimple on my nose won’t go away. It’s been months. Months!

Hope this helped you meet your story quota!!!!

P.S. I’m not ashamed ICE lied about me that I’d started a rumor about one of their agents. I said a cross tat looked like an iron cross well after others had noticed, then deleted it after 15 min w/correx. I never used the word “Nazi.” or the guy’s name. ICE did.

Also I have hidradentis suppurativa and once forgot a coffee cup in my room for so long it grew a mold-bloom blue as oxidized copper.

This has been your news update for today.


This simply confirms some things I could probably have guessed about her. Amusing…actually it would be sad if it were someone who’d ever demonstrated she had empathy for someone else. Then she swung for the left field bleachers.

lots of people claim to champion “free speech.” most of them are liars: what they want is to be able to spread hate unchallenged, and they cheerfully crush their opponents, via harassment, abuse, slander and mass reporting. it’s not hypocrisy, it’s strategy.

i want social media where people can be queer or black or jewish or NBPOC or oppose the current government without fear of abuse, harassment or slander. i don’t think racism and homophobia and misogyny are sacred. i think they are forces to defeat. and i’m honest about it.

when hatemongers have the “freedom” they desire, it forces other people into hiding, to self-censor, to endure abuse in the vilest of ways. i don’t support that. it’s not freedom of speech. just freedom to intimidate. and it’s trash.

i know the playbook by now. i’ve watched them target marginalized people for political expression over and over, with violence on their tongues and in their hearts. make no mistake. they want the freedom to punish and to silence. i say fuck that.

seriously, the entire complex of “free speech defenders” are the squad who wants to say the n word and tell you jews control the world, and worse. they don’t hide the goal of crushing their enemies and wallowing in malice. stop falling for it and fight back.

the “intellectual dark web” guys who pitch fits when their race science chats get cancelled support anti-BDS laws; patron saint bari weiss tried to get an @elivalley talk cancelled. their imitators just want to push for a white ethnostate and run anyone else into the ground.


This, oddly enough, seems to be a very widely held view among people who mewl and bleat about the First Amendment whenever they don’t get the access the demand. Consider the case of the black forklift operator who was tracked down by some moron at The Daily Beast for making a funny video about Nancy Pelosi. Tracked down, we might add, with the assistance of Facebook staff. That is very much in line of the noxious and probably malodorous Andrew Kaczynski who similarly doxxed a guy for making a gif of President Trump bodyslamming CNN and demanded an apology from him as the condition of not revealing his name to the world.

Her list of people who she thinks should be silenced are my reason for supporting the First Amendment. Because unless we allow offensive, even vile, speech we effectively have no free speech because then the limits of what can and can’t be said is controlled by people who probably won’t like something you have to say. Just last week, Erick Erickson, who is just about as mild-mannered a conservative as you will find these days, was suspended from Twitter for making a joke about Elizabeth Warren’s lying about having Indian heritage to further her career.

No one ever forces you to read or listen to anything you don’t want to. You have the ability to leave the room, the ability to verbally challenge the offender, and the ability on social media to block or mute douchebags. The only reason you put up with abuse is because you are too weak-willed to do anything or because you are gathering evidence for your jihad to make people who don’t agree with you to shut up.


With a little bit of luck, this Lavin woman will reach her true potential slinging lattes at a Starbucks. What is very obvious is that she is hostile to the very idea of a pluralistic society in addition to the First Amendment and she should never be allowed to work in anything that pretends to be journalism again.

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