Twitter Helps Al Jazeera Suppress All Traces of Its Infamous Anti-Semitic Video

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Yesterday, my colleague Bonchie posted on a brazenly anti-Semitic Facebook video posted by the terror-friendly Qatari-government controlled Al Jazeera.

This is the video:

To cut to the chase, the video actually says that the Jews benefited from the Holocaust.

When called out on it, Al Jazeera pulled the video down and allegedly suspended two employees–presumably for letting the West know what Qatar preaches in private.

Now there is an added twist. Twitter has gone to war to help memory hole this hideous video. Al Jazeera has filed copyright violation claims with Twitter and Twitter, staffed by the nice little BDS SJW fascists as it is, has honored the takedown demands.

Via The Daily Caller:

The original Al Jazeera video reportedly received 1.1 million views on Facebook and Twitter without either social media giant taking it down due to violations of its policies. Twitter has hired groups to block speech from its platform that it deems Islamophobic content or fake news. It banned Laura Loomer, a conservative Jewish American, from its platform after she said Minnesota Democratic Rep. “Ilhan [Omar] is anti Jewish.”

Twitter spokeswoman Katie Rosborough told TheDCNF Tuesday afternoon she was looking into why the translated videos exposing anti-Semitism — but not the original anti-Semitic videos — were taken down and how the copyright claim was valid.

The real joke here, is that Twitter is telling people they are restoring the video:

But they really aren’t:

This is pretty much in line with the policies you see by other major tech platforms. So long as you distribute a type of hate–anti-Christian, anti-family, anti-Semitic–you are bulletproof. But tell a journalist to “learn to code” and your account is dead.

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