Jerry Nadler Shows That Either Irony or His Brain Are Dead or Possibly Both

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It is difficult today to point to the most ridiculous Democrat in Congress. We have at least two, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, who are no-sh**, dyed-in-the-wool, Jew-hating, terrorist sympathizers. We have Alexandria Ocasio Cortez who can barely tell her ass from a hot rock but who, apparently, is the thought leader for progressive democrats. We have Eric Swalwell who actually seems to looking forward to killing gun owners if they resist confiscation. Adam Schiff, a man who leaked classified material in a shameless fashion while ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, is permitted on cable news (okay, it was CNN but that still counts) and pontificate about integrity. But clawing his way up to the top of the heap is Fat Jerry Nadler.

No one has ever accused Nadler of being smart or astute, because those would be false accusations. He’s a ridiculous little apparatchik who would be much more at home in the Politburo of some failed socialist state or the New York state legislature (but I repeat myself) than chairing a committee in the US House of Representatives. Did I say ridiculous? You have doubts? See Exhibit A:

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Be that as it may, here he is in action. Apparently, he’s talking about Rudy Giuliani’s abortive trip the Ukraine.

The story there is that Giuliani had planned a trip to Ukraine to encourage authorities to look into the activities of Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, and Joe Biden’s actions, as vice president, to pressure Ukrainian authorities to ignore what seems like epic fraud.

Here, Nadler, who looks like his blind barber just trimmed him with a WeedEater and with his pants tucked snugly in his armpits is tossed a typical sycophantic, softball question from NBC transcriptionist, Manu Raju. If you’ll recall, Raju is the chump who got punked by Adam Schiff with the story that Donald Trump, Jr. was given a heads-up that Wikileaks was going to publish some hacked emails (see HAHAHA! CNN Gets Burned On Fake Story About Donald Trump Jr. And Wikileaks Email–UPDATED).

First, there is nothing wrong with what Giuliani was going to do and the fact that the Democrats are having a cow over it shows their level of fear.

What Giuliani was engaged in is something that the FBI, were it to take some time out from acting as an in-kind contribution to the DNC and start pretending it cared about law enforcement, should be doing.

Secondly, the Obama administration had no problem at all using a document that was based on Russian government sources, compiled by a British intelligence asset, to start an investigation of the Trump campaign. They had no problem using British and possibly Australian (though both Australians involved seem to be British MI6 assets) to try to get members of the Trump campaign to compromise themselves.

Nadler’s real objection is that the Trump administration seems ready and willing to insist that even prominent Democrats have to obey the law and they know what that would mean.

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