Robert Mueller Gets a Taste of His Own Medicine Courtesy of MSNBC

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Earlier today, as the sainted Robert Mueller was leaving Easater services, he had an experience that was long overdue to a guy who has never shown any reticence about subjecting others to the experience: that is, he was targeted for an ambush interview.

Will you testify before Congress?

If he were anybody but the president would Mr. Trump be indicted?

Why didn’t you make a recommendation to Congress one way or the other?

Are you going on vacation?

Did the Attorney General accurately characterize your positions on conspiracy and obstruction?

Some folks have a problem with this:

I understand completely. But you don’t have to like MSNBC to not get some schadenfreude out of watching Mueller get a taste of his own medicine. It was Mueller’s FBI that hounded an innocent man to death over the 9/11 anthrax attacks. It was Mueller’s investigatory team that conducted pre-dawn raids on the homes of Paul Manafort and Roger Stone (compare and contrast how they treated Democrat apparatchik Greg Craig after he was indicted). It was Mueller’s investigatory team that tipped off CNN about the arrest of Roger Stone (you can believe their hilarious claim of inspired reporting if you wish, but we’re talking about CNN and they don’t do that). Screw him. I hope these sons-of-b****es he coddled and encouraged by dragging out this hoax for the past two years camp out in his yard and use his swimming pool for a latrine and play hacky-sack with his freakin dog. I hope that every time he sets foot in public there is one of these leftwing agit-prop generators dogging him with a camera and a list of questions.

And so long as they try “to be as respectful as possible,” I wish them well.

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