Where Does Carter Page Go To Get His Apology From the Media

Without doubt the saddest story in this whole debacle is that of Carter Page. Page signed onto the Trump campaign in an advisory capacity. However, he was targeted by the Washington Post and New York Times as he had extensive contacts in Russian and had even lived there for a few years. For reasons that remain unexplored, Page was featured in the largely discredited dossier compiled by Christopher Steele. Those unfounded allegations were sufficient to convince a federal judge to grant an surveillance warrant against him. He has been harassed and maligned in the media despite no real hint that he did anything wrong other than being someone who saw the Trump campaign as a way of furthering his career.


Page rates a section in the Special Counsel’s report. This is how it starts:


The fact that the media abused this guy and that he was put under surveillance by our national security apparatus based on a specious catalog of allegations that were never even attempted to be corroborated is inexcusable. People should go to jail for that.

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