New From the Left: Well, Even If Trump Didn't Collude With Russia He's Still a Traitor

The Barr summary of Mueller’s report had barely been released when all the morons who had been flogging this story for two years, for fun, retweets, and profit, began to make excuses as to why they really hadn’t been wrong. This is one of the classics:

No, Scooter, collusion after the election is called “formulating the foreign policy of the United States.” We won’t even bother reading back to you your own words from the past two years.

Others have taken a different tack. Their view now is that it doesn’t matter that Trump didn’t collude with Russia because he’s actually committed treason. Let’s put aside this spank-bank lefty fantasy for just a moment and recall that we are not actually at war with anyone, so treason, by the definition provided in the Constitution, is simply not possible. And, as the president is both the head of state and the commander-in-chief of the US Armed Forces, it would seem rather impossible for the president to actually commit treason. But rather than dismiss this garbage based on law and logic, let’s see what the guys with tertiary TDS have come up with. This is William Saletan, a schlub at Slate:

Beyond the report, there’s plenty of evidence that Trump has collaborated with Russia against the U.S. government. He has shilled for Vladimir Putin, urged Russia to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails, defended a secret meeting to get Russian dirt on her, attacked U.S. intelligence agencies that documented Russia’s election interference, and fired the FBI director who was investigating that interference. All of these betrayals are recorded or acknowledged on video.

It isn’t worth the effort of a lengthy Fisk of this. Saletan is either a gibbering imbecile or deeply dishonest…given his past body of work, there is little reason to rule out either option.

1. Trump never urged Russia to hack Hillary’s emails. He encouraged them to give to the US the 30,000 emails she BitBleached. And if you were going to conspire with the Russians, there are better ways of doing it than at campaign rallies.
2. The secret meeting to get ‘dirt’ on Clinton was with employees of the the opposition research firm who produced the dossier. Getting dirt on your opponent from a foreign source is not a big deal…this whole mess was kicked off by the product of a British spy asking Russians spies for information about Trump.
3. As James Comey said, the president may fire the FBI director for any or no reason.

And Russia is just the beginning of the story. Trump’s treachery goes well beyond his service to Moscow. Transcripts, videos, and government records show that he has repeatedly collaborated with tyrants against our country. He has defended North Korea’s Kim Jong-un against U.S. intelligence that shows Kim is lying about his nuclear programs. He has defended Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi crown prince, against American intelligence that exposes the crown prince’s role in the murder of a U.S. resident. He has sided with Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, against American generals and U.S. law enforcement. He has declared that the Chinese government is more honorable than the American Democratic Party.

[FACT CHECK: the Chinese government IS more honorable than the Democrat party.]

What follows is a list of instances in which Trump disagreed with assessments presented to him by the intelligence community (these would be the same people who were pushing the Steele dossier) or made decisions that Saletan doesn’t like. By the way, it is both charming and pathetic to see douchebags like this suddenly become all heated up with patriotism after spending their miserable piss-ant little lives working against America’s interests. What crybabies, like Saletan, can’t seem to fathom is that Trump is president, not Barack Obama. Intelligence agencies are employees hired to give advice, they don’t make decisions. The president, not writers at a third-rate group blog, has plenary authority to conduct diplomacy as he sees fit…even if that means sending pallets of cash to a state sponsor of terrorism and running guns to Mexican narco-terrorists…oops, wrong example. If a Qatar-financed provocateur is offed by the intelligence service of his home country in a foreign country in his home country’s embassy, maybe no one really gives a fat rat’s ass. If the president decides to try to build a personal relationship with Kim Jong-Un in the hope, real or perceived, that that might lead to the DPRK denuclearizing, that is his right and his duty.

Saletan’s article is simply a list of things that Trump has done that Saletan–who has zero experience doing anything–doesn’t like. News flash: no one cares if he likes what Trump has done. At the end of the day, Donald Trump is the most powerful man in the world and William Saletan writes for Slate.

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