President Trump Gives the Democrats a Preview of the Next 5 Years During His Grand Rapids Rally

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If you were afraid that President Trump might heed the nonsensical and self-defeating advice emanating from that clown-king of political consultants, Karl Rove, then fear no more. President Trump was taking a victory lap at a rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, this afternoon and gave the Democrats a foretaste of what is coming their way for the next 18 months…perhaps the 66 months.

In it he calls out the Democrats for “defrauding the public with ridiculous bullsh**.”

The warm-up act was Donald Trump, Jr. who pointed out how a Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is waltzing the entire Democrat party around by its willie

The tack Trump is following is the right one. He’s touting the accomplishments of his administration and giving the Democrats the choice of working with him or being painted as hucksters who tried to destroy his presidency with transparently false allegations. Not that I think he’ll let them off the hook even if they decide to work with him. He’s also going to tie the tin cans of socialism and anti-semitism to their tail and chase them down the street.

All in all, the upcoming campaign promises to be both the most entertaining and the most significant since Carter-Reagan.

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