House "Feel Good" Resolution Has Ilhan Omar Claiming Vindication

Ilhan Omar speaking at worker protest against Amazon by Fibonacci Blue, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original


I don’t know if there is an Arabic or Somali word for chutzpah, because there should be.

The background here is pretty simple. Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar is a raving, slobbering anti-Semite, she has said things that indicate she is much more in sympathy with the goals of al Qaeda than those of the United States. She has been the subject of one House resolution this session condemning anti-Semitism and, after the stench of her bigotry grew too much even for Democrats to ignore, another resolution was drafted to, again, condemn anti-Semitism. But, somewhere along the way, Democrats decided that Ilhan Omar was the actual face and future of their party and they closed ranks to protect her. Representative James Clyburn even excused her by saying that the difficulties he had experienced as an immigrant in Minne-f***ing-sota were comparable to the Holocaust. (see “More Personal”: Clyburn Invokes Holocaust Survivors In Absurd Defense Of Omar’s Anti-Semitism)

Eventually, in order to protect Omar, the resolution was watered down to basically condemn bad things. Joe Cunningham hits it out of the part in The House Anti-Semitism Resolution Has Become The “All Lives Matter” Of Resolutions.

Now Omar and her fellow Islamists are taking a victory lap:

She and her fluffers have claimed that Omar has been targeted because she is a Muslim. What they are doing is turning the resolution decrying Omar’s anti-Semitism into a condemnation of the very resolution itself. They are saying that the resolution condemns those who criticized Omar because that criticism was, by definition, anti-Muslim.

The Democrat party has mainstreamed anti-Semitism by embracing the BDS movement and every hare-brained attack on Israel and anyone who supports Israel. This resolution bakes the anti-Semitism of Omar and Tlaib into the very fabric of the Democrat party. As someone on Twitter said, the real success of the Nazi party was convincing average, Germans that anti-Semitism was acceptable. That is exactly what the Democrats have done with this resolution.

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