RUMOR. More Allegations About Justin Fairfax May Be On the Way

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This is by way of Ace:

Is more coming on the Justin Fairfax front?

A source who is not a [total] idiot tells me: “Triblett is a veteran Democrat campaign manager, mostly Virginia, contributed to HuffPo, runs a Dem strategy firm, tuned in Virginia guy.”

I’ve seen Triblett posting other stuff about all these scandals, and I haven’t seen him post anything wrong.


I don’t follow Virginia politics at all so I’ll just rely on third party endorsements here and I trust Ace on this.


This is why I think there will be more out there.

Dr. Tyson was outside Fairfax’s social circle so when the Washington Post did their half-assed investigation when the incident was reported to them after the 2017 election, they would not necessarily have found anything if this was his pattern.

Dr. Tyson’s description makes Fairfax seem very proficient in his chosen form of seduction. This implies there are others out there who now know they are not alone.

Fairfax has lawyered up.

NOW is now lumbering onto the field and when they go after a Democrat it is a serious matter.

This could all be wishful thinking and internet bullsh** but right now a safe bet is that there are other women out there and Fairfax knows it.


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