FLASHBACK. Was There A Hidden Reason VA AG Mark Herring Called On GOV Ralph Northam to Resign Over Blackface Picture

Virginia Attorney General - Elect, Mark Herring by Edward Kimmel, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original/Cropped

Just last Friday, ironically the first day of Black History Month, when the story broke that Virginia Governor Ralph Northam had appeared either in blackface or in a KKK hood while in medical school 35 years ago, and there were pictures, one of the first Virginia Democrats to demand that Northam resign was Attorney General Mark Herring.


“It is no longer possible for Governor Northam to lead our Commonwealth and it is time for him to step down,” said Herring in a statement.

“I have spoken with Lieutenant Governor Fairfax and assured him that, should he ascend to the governorship, he will have my complete support and and commitment to ensuring his success and the success of our Commonwealth,” he said.

Given the fact that pictures have now surfaced of Mark Herring in blackface this seems to be a contender for the chutzpah award.

But in retrospect, this all seems a bit curious.

Northam is sandbgged with 35 year old images that generated howls of outrage and demands for his resignation. One of those demands is from his attorney general, #3 in line to the governor’s mansion, and it is coupled by a statement of next-in-line, Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax. Then on Sunday, as Fairfax was in a meeting with Northam where Northam was taking the temperature of his senior staff on his chances to survive this scandal (that had to be utterly Gothic as Fairfax undoubtedly had a “lean and hungry look”), the story leaks about Fairfax coercing a woman into performing oral sex on him. Fairfax initially blamed Northam’s office…implying that he knew about it…as a doomsday strategy to save his own career.


But you know who else had means, motive and opportunity to leak the Fairfax story? Mark Herring.

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