My Bad. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam Denies Being In Blackface/Klan Photo After Admitting Being In the Photo

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Ralph Northam. Bill Kristol Endorsed Machiavellian Super Hero? Or Pathetic Whiny Little B****?

Yesterday, I was a believer that Virginia Governor Ralph Northam would weather the sh**storm caused by the unearthing of some Eastern Virginia Medical School yearbook images from 1984 that have Northam either in blackface or in a KKK costume (he actually won’t say which is him). He gave a solid address on the subject which basically said that isn’t who he is and everyone really needs to move on (to coin a term) because he has no intention of resigning. Ballsy. I was impressed.

On the merits, I think, or at least I hope, everyone knows that there is actually no one who is really incensed over the photos. These are from 30 years ago and, having grown up and gone to college in the same area at about the same time, I can tell you these would not have been considered particularly edgy. Northam graduated from VMI in 1981, the class yearbook shows 7 black cadets in a class of 300+. I suspect the costume wouldn’t have been edgy there either. The Democrats have race-baited every conceivable issue (remember the absolute lunacy of the feeding frenzy over Florida Governor Ron DeSantis using the phrase “monkey this up?”) and now they are confronted with documentary evidence of one of their own violating their rules. For my part, I intend to see that the #NewRules apply to everyone. In a way, I was sort of hoping that Northam would beat this because it might signal the end to this pervasive douchebaggery in our culture where one guy can drive under the influence, wreck his car, run from the cops and have his Daddy fix the case and become a political folk hero and another guy can lead an exemplary life except for wearing blackface 30 years ago.

Now it looks like Northam may be done for.

Say what?

Embattled Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam told at least one fellow Democrat Saturday that he was not in a racist 1984 yearbook photo of two men dressed in blackface and a Ku Klux Klan outfit — despite admitting he was in the picture a day earlier — and that he does not intend to resign, a dramatic twist in the face of mounting calls from members of his own party for him to step down

Virginia State Senator Louise Lucas’ office told Fox News that Northam reached out to her to say that he is not in the photograph and that he would not be resigning. That came after the Virginia Democratic Party tweeted that it had received word that Northam would not be resigning over the photo as they believed he should.

So now I’m back to hoping Northam is forced to resign. Not because of some silly pictures from 35 years ago. Not even because he’s a monster for advocating infanticide. But because he’s a witless p***y who can’t even play the game.

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