Bill Kristol Wins Chutzpah Award Over Virginia's Infanticide Bill

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We’ve spent a lot of time covering Virginia’s full-blown belly flop into the hot tub of barbarism with the proposal by Virginia Delegate Kathy Tran, verified by Governor Ralph Northam, that a woman be allowed to direct the murder of her child even as it is in the process of being born. There is a lot of good stuff on the front page about the whole thing, these are my contributions:

VA Governor Ralph Northam Uses Word Salad To Explain His Defense Of Infanticide

Nothing Ralph Northam Or His Media Friends Say Can Cover Up His Monstrous Pro-Infanticide Stance

Virginia’s Moderate Governor Admits Abortion Bill Allows Babies To Be Killed After Birth
WATCH. Virginia Abortion Bill Allows Abortion While Delivery Is Underway

One of the interesting sidelights to this is the fact that former Weekly Standard honcho and current Pierre Omidyar hireling who is busily conserving conservatism at The Bulwark has weighed in.

The is chutzpah of the most magnificent kind. Patently untrue but still so bold that one has to marvel at the audacity. While Kristol hasn’t overtly advocated electing Democrats recently, he has fantasized about a Michelle Obama victory in 2020, he opposed Brett Kavanaugh, and he has aligned with liberal moneymen to try to defeat Trump in 2020. What makes this tweet more obscene is the fact that Bill Kristol did not support the GOP candidate for Virginia governor, Ed Gillespie, but donated to the campaign of Ralph Northam…that would be the guy who supports Tran’s infanticide bill. This is from the New Yorker:

…When they did not, Kristol and his wife, Susan Scheinberg, a classics scholar, were so infuriated that they sent a two-hundred-dollar donation to the campaign of the Democrat Ralph Northam, who was running for governor of Virginia against the Republican Ed Gillespie, whom Kristol considered something of a friend…

…When Northam won the Virginia governor’s race, in November, and enough Democratic legislative candidates won to turn the suburbs from red to blue, “I found myself pleased,” Kristol said. He has been wondering how he would feel if Democrats won the House in 2018. “I’m a little surprised by my own reactions over the last two or three months along those lines,” he said. “One really is conflicted. I really could make a case that the country would be better off with the Democrats running the House, because, if the Republicans aren’t willing to check Trump, someone has to.”

Kurt Schlichter has had these people pegged from day one. The whole “muh principles” schtick was nothing more that elitist bullsh** to rationalize their own tribalist tendencies and a sales pitch for donors. They were simply too good to associate with the people who showed up at Trump rallies and virtue signaling became a lifestyle choice. If there is one issue on the right that we should all be able to support it is the pro-life cause. When push came to shove, Kristol had the chance to stand with the pro-life movement and he knowingly gave money and support to a pro-abort Democrat instead of a pro-life Republican. And now he wants to claim that he’s on our side. He isn’t. And I doubt that he ever was.

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