Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Calls Out CBS Over Their Racist Selection of Their 2020 Election Team

This is sort of a novel experience. Usually it is conservatives, real and self-proclaimed, who devote their efforts to attacking their own side while the left realizes you don’t win anything by attacking allies. It looks like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has taken a page out of the “muh principles” playbook and launched an attack on close Democrat ally, CBS News, for their racism.


CBS producer Ben Mitchell tweeted out the names and headshots of CBS’s team for the 2020 elections. Because, as we know, the reporters are actually the starts and the mopes you vote for are just the supporting case.

This is how Ms. Intersectionality responded:

I’m not a big believer in bean-counting people and I think that when you think skin color = diversity you are missing the point. A black or Latino who grew up in an upper middle class neighborhood and went to a good college doesn’t bring diversity to your organization, it brings a racial quota, but the experiences and outlooks you have represented are going to be damned homogeneous. That being said, screw these people. The are part of the problem and it is only fair that they live under the #NewRules they have created for the rest of us.


National Journal’s Josh Kraushaar tried to intervene to defend white privilege in his own industry and got smacked down:

Following the comments in this was hilarious because the media people defending Kraushaar and CBS were terrified of actually saying something that was going to imply they didn’t believe in quotas.

Then came a lame response:

Sorry, but I don’t really know what “racially diverse” surnames look like as race and ethnicity are not the same thing. But, now that he’s mentioned it, let’s review those last names for diversity:


Bidar (Indian)
Brewster (English)
Erikson (Scandinavian)
Korte (Dutch)
Sganga (Italian)
Tin (possibly Chinese)
Turman (Dutch)
Ramirez (Hispanic)
Watson (English)
Hudak (Czech/Slovak)
Ewall-Wice (English)
Mitchell (English)

So, of the twelve people named, two had names that were not from Europe (actually one, because Ramirez is European, but you know what I mean).

On the whole, if you buy into the left’s racial identity politics, the Ocasio Cortez cleaned up the floor with Kraushaar. Partly because he was arguing, as a second language, in a language in which she is fluent. Partly because he was smart enough to know that if he got too uppity, that there would be consequences.

The real test of this will be when NBC and ABC lineups are revealed…or when CBS revises their staffing decision.

Regardless, this attack on CBS will resonate. Democrat candidates will break their necks to either line up behind her or to get to her left. The media may end up pining for the good old days when they were merely purveyors of #FakeNews and not a collection of racist oppressors.


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