BREAKING. Weekly Standard Shuts Down Today

According to numerous reports, the Weekly Standard is discontinuing a 23-year run today.


The Weekly Standard and Washington Examiner are owned by the same parent company, Clarity Media. Clarity Media is launching a national weekly magazine that would occupy a lot of the same space as the Weekly Standard. It has been rumored for several months that Weekly Standard was bleeding more cash than it usually did (I have no way of knowing that is the case) and, quite honestly, Bill Kristol’s antics haven’t won the magazine any friends. These factors could make a good case for shuttering the Weekly Standard and using its subscriber list to launch the new venture.

The Weekly Standard has held a particularly polarizing place in conservative media since Trump arrived on the political scene. And recriminations over its closing are already in high gear. The articles in the next two tweets are indispensable in understanding some of what happened, though, right now, we are only hearing one side of the story.


I’ve been out of work over Christmas before and it isn’t fun and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.


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