Australian Senator Resorts to Novel Biological Strategy to Participate In a Parliamentary Abortion Debate

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On November 12, the Australian senate was debating a proposal by Senator Barry O’Sullivan. O’Sullivan is from the National Party which is a smallish, conservative party within the larger ruling coalition. Senator O’Sullivan’s proposal was that a law be passed to prevent pro-aborts from disrupting Day of the Unborn Child Masses in Australia. Day of the Unborn Child is a Catholic remembrance of the victims of abortion that was instituted by Pope Saint John Paul II and it his held in conjunction with the Feast of the Annunciation.

As a rule, I’m against this kind of snowflakery, but sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Even in the US, we have a federal law that recognizes abortion clinics as the only places in the nation where you lose your First Amendment rights if you get too close to the front door, even if you are on public property. Australia has a similar law deifying abortion, so if someone wants to say pro-aborts can’t interrupt Mass on one day a year, whatever. Besides, it isn’t like Australia has the same view of liberty that we do, anyway…try to buy a gun if you doubt me.

As a result of his support for this bill, O’Sullivan was immediately attacked by various hirsute pro-abort harpies:

Green Party senator Larissa Waters criticized the motion, telling O’Sullivan he would never understand women’s choices.

“Senator O’Sullivan needs to get his hands and his rosaries off my ovaries and those of the 10,000 Queensland women who have an abortion each year,” Waters told Parliament.

This is just anti-Catholic bigotry at its finest. It isn’t Catholicism, or any religion, for that matter, that makes an unborn child a human being. Biology does that for us. But when you have no real argument to make…and this is a particularly stupid argument even by the low bar of pro-abort arguments as it has nothing to do with abortion and everything to do with ensuring people can worship in peace on one day a year…attack the other person’s religion and claim they have no standing because they are of the wrong one of the 50+ genders out there.

O’Sullivan was having none of it. Taking advantage of Australia’s decision to not recognize biology, O’Sullivan changed his sex:

You have to give the guy credit. If his views on abortion are not legitimate because he’s a man, then changing his sex to female would seem to allow him to debate the issue and would make any criticism of his decision “transphobic.”

I think more of this is the way forward in dealing with the SJW idiocy we are confronting. Rather than shaking our heads, we need to embrace the idiocy and weaponize it against the left. It would be great, for instance, if obviously heterosexual males started applying for athletic scholarships as females. Not only would the quality of those sports improve…except maybe gymnastics…we could drive a stake through the Title IX rules that have killed a lot of collegiate sports. Maybe white guys should start applying for small business certification by self-identifying as black and female. If nothing else, it would create a legal morass that would kill gender- and race-based set-aside programs and quota by strangling them with lawsuits.

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