BREAKING. Rick Scott Wins Court Order Requiring Broward County to Obey Florida Law

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Right now, the Democrat machine in Broward County, Florida, is trying to steal two elections: governor and senate. The head of the Broward Board of Elections is an known incompetent and scofflaw who in the past, and today, has decided that neither Florida law nor the Florida constitution controls what happens in her personal fiefdom. Florida Senator Marco Rubio blew the whistle on her scam yesterday and followed up today:

And President Trump has made note:

Yesterday, Florida Governor Rick Scott filed a lawsuit seeking to require that Broward follow the law. An emergency hearing was held on the case just minutes ago:

Not only does the Broward Board of Elections have to release vote tallies, they have to allow observers in the room where the ballots are being counted. Both Broward and Palm Beach have barred Rick Scott’s campaign from the counting room. Odd, eh?

There is exactly one reason that Broward won’t even tell the number of ballots cast on Tuesday: they are manufacturing them as they go. Hopefully, this will generate enough attention that two hard fought victories won’t be stolen.

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