President Trump's New Ad Has the Left Screaming "Racism" and "Willie Horton"

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The two parties in the 2018 midterms are focusing on completely different issues. The Democrat preferred topic is healthcare (sorry, I just yawned and nodded off writing that) while the GOP, at least in some areas, are fighting on the battleground of illegal immigration. Not only has this issue been front and center since Trump was still a candidate but the push by some prominent Democrats to disband ICE and the love of sanctuary cities has combined with the caravans of potential illegal aliens from Central America inching their way north to make illegal immigration a national campaign issue.


Never one to employ half measures, President Trump tweeted out a web ad yesterday:

The star of the ad is one Luis Bracamontes.

President Donald Trump made his more audacious attempt yet on Wednesday night to turn a sea of approaching Central American migrants into a midterm voting issue, tweeting a video linking them to a death row inmate who killed two Sacramento, California police officers after being deported twice from the United States and returning each time.

Convicted cop killer Luis Bracamontes famously grinned and swore his way through his trial and sentencing this year, vowing to escape and kill more police officers.

He screamed ‘F*** you, judge!’ during a late January hearing and was banned from attending the rest of his trial in person, watching the remaining days on video monitors.

Trump’s 55.5 million Twitter followers saw his own take on the case, a recap of the trial’s most shocking moments titled: ‘Illegal immigrant Luis Bracamontes killed our people!’

The video’s footage includes the killer Bracamontes telling Judge Steve White: ‘They’re f***ing dead. I don’t f***ing regret that s**t. … I will break out soon and I will kill more.

Over ounding percussion, the video’s graphics proclaim: ‘DEMOCRATS LET HIM INTO OUR COUNTRY.’

Bracamontes stunned the jury in his case by admitting his guilt as a prosecutor described the crime scene, declaring: ‘Only thing I f***ing regret is that I f***ing just killed two. I wish I f***ing killed more of those motherf***ers.’

That moment, too, is in the video on Trump’s Twitter feed.


The facts here are rather inarguable. Bracamontes had been deported twice. He was residing in a sanctuary city it what might well be described as a sanctuary state. He killed two law enforcement officers. It is easy to understand why the Democrats are reacting to this like the Devil to Holy Water. It is true and there are no good reasons for why this tragedy had to happen. And it has drawn inevitable and, I think, valid comparisons to the Willie Horton ad used by George H. W. Bush against Michael Dukakis (yes, I realize it was Al Gore who used it first).

There is no doubt that the Lee Atwater is strong in this one, but, just like the Willie Horton ad, not liking having it aimed at you doesn’t mean that it is improper, immoral, or racist…unless murderers are now a race.

But, since rationality has been banned from the public square, the criticism of the ad is disingenuously unglued:

And the Vichy Republicans had to get in on the ad:

And the guy who labeled all white males as terrorists had to give us his thoughts on the subject.

If you want to be offended by this, that’s your right. Enjoy it. I don’t particularly care who doesn’t like it or what they call it. This ad will leave a mark and from the way the Democrats are howling, you know who is going to be left with welt.


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