Steve Scalise Burns Don Lemon to the Ground Without Using a Single Word

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Last night, Don Lemon, who is arguably the dumbest man on CNN which, to paraphrase the prelude from The Big Lebowski, puts him in the running for the dumbest man on the planet, was hosting an hour-plus of Two Minute Hate directed at President Trump and Republicans. It featured various guests including a couple of omnipresent NPCs:


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Via Mediaite:

[Conservative commentator Mike] Shields then invoked the shooter who attacked Congressman Steve Scalise (R-LA) and other GOP lawmakers, who reportedly was motivated by the ongoing health care debate, but Boot argued that the two aren’t “comparable” and accused Shields of blaming Bernie Sanders for the shooting since the gunman was a supporter of his, which Shields never suggested.

Then Lemon jumped in.

“So if you’re not equivocating, if you’re not saying that they’re equal in comparing them, then why are you bringing that up?” Lemon asked. “Why do you keep bringing up a comparison between someone else? They’re not the president of the United States. And no one is blaming the president for shooting anybody but saying that his rhetoric contributes to a climate where people may think it’s okay.”

“So why do you keep bringing up other people instead of talking about the person who is the president of the United States, the rhetoric that is being spouted by one network, and the conservative media?” the CNN anchor continued. “Why not just take ownership of that and talk about how you can correct it on that side instead of this what this whataboutism?”

Boot then cut in, insisting that both sides aren’t “equal” in the toxic political climate, which led Shields to accuse Boots of not allowing him to speak because he might be saying something “that is actually resonating.” But Lemon sided with Boot.

“People don’t want to let you speak- it’s not because they don’t want to hear what you have to say, it’s because you’re not being honest with it,” Lemon said. “This is not equal. The right-wing group killed a woman in Charlottesville. This guy is a right-winger who killed the people in the synagogue. The right-winger sent bombs to CNN and to Democrats. I don’t see Democrats killing people because of political — yeah, maybe democratic operatives who are out there.”

“They’ve tried to,” Shields shot back.

“Okay, they tried to, and that’s not right,” Lemon conceded. “But for the most part, what do you see here, Mike? You see these extreme right-wingers and then instead of denouncing them and saying it’s just wrong, you make people think that it’s okay, that you’re making an excuse for because then you go, ‘But what about the Democrats?’ when there is no comparison! There is no equivalence there!”


Steve Scalise responded:

There really is no equivalence, just not in the way Lemon meant. In the past month, two GOP candidates have been assaulted with fists, another was the victim of an attempted stabbing. Sunday night, the GOP headquarters in South Daytona, FL, was shot up. Where these attacks differ from the guy who mailed inoperative bombs to some prominent leftists and the guy who murdered eleven people at a Pittsburgh synagogue is that you don’t have to imagine what the motives are or divine reasons for their actions. When Democrat operative James Hodgkinson tried a decapitation attack on the House and Senate GOP caucus during a baseball practice, he was shouting, “This is for health care.”

To date, the number of Democrat political figures killed or injured equals zero. You can’t say that about GOP candidates and officials.

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