Did James Comey Just Call Christine Ford a Liar?

One couldn’t expect the FBI to be called on to perform a follow-up investigation on the slanders Christine Ford has made against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and not expect disgraced former FBI director and Democrat shill James Comey to weigh in. And here he is, bigger than life on the op-ed page of the New York Times: James Comey: The F.B.I. Can Do This.

We live in a world where the president routinely attacks the F.B.I. because he fears its work. He calls for his enemies to be prosecuted and his friends freed. We also live in a world where a sitting federal judge channels the president by shouting attacks at the Senate committee considering his nomination and demanding to know if a respected senator has ever passed out from drinking. We live in a world where the president is an accused serial abuser of women, who was caught on tape bragging about his ability to assault women and now likens the accusations against his nominee to the many “false” accusations against him.

Most disturbingly, we live in a world where millions of Republicans and their representatives think nearly everything in the previous paragraph is O.K.

Woof, woof, woof.

Yes, the alleged incident occurred 36 years ago. But F.B.I. agents know time has very little to do with memory. They know every married person remembers the weather on their wedding day, no matter how long ago. Significance drives memory. They also know that little lies point to bigger lies. They know that obvious lies by the nominee about the meaning of words in a yearbook are a flashing signal to dig deeper.

First off, if FBI agents believe this anti-science bullsh** about memory, then we should disband the FBI and start from scratch. Memory is at best imperfect. Science has proven that memory is changed each and every day it is remembered. Every married person does not remember the weather on their wedding day. That is simply a stupid and counterfactual assertion that can be easily disproved by a simple survey of married people. You might remember extreme weather or unusual weather or if the weather was what you’d always imagined for your wedding, but to say people remember the weather is beyond stupid. And just because you think you remember the weather does not guarantee that your memory reflects the meteorological records for that place and day. This doesn’t mean you are lying, it just means that memory fills in gaps. Which leads to the next point.

But let’s assume that the agents trained under Comey’s steely eye actually believe this. Ford can’t remember the years of the event. She can’t remember the month of the event. She can’t remember how she got to the house. She can’t remember who the house belonged to. She can’t remember how she got home. The people she says were at the event, including one of her lifelong friends, universally say that no such party took place. One would expect that an event so traumatic would have created some memories of the time or place or who she was with. If they are looking at obvious lies to dig deeper, then they need to call in a fleet of backhoes to deal with Ford’s story.

By Comey’s own standard, Ford is not telling the truth. The details of that day should be sharp and clear to her, instead, the only thing she knows is that Kavanaugh groped her. Comey, however, wants to focus on the secret meaning of yearbook statements that, taken at their very worst, reveal high school boys acting very much like high school boys.

The odds of the FBI investigators finding something that hasn’t been uncovered already approach zero. The odds of them finding anything that changes any minds is less than zero. Which is pretty much where Comey’s integrity is.

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