ThinkProgress Soy-Boy Calls For More Intimidation Attacks on Republicans

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Yesterday, Jeff Flake was accosted in an elevator in the US Senate by alleged survivors of sexual abuse. We have no way of knowing their history and no reason to believe that the were anything other than a batch of the SJW’s with braided armpit hair who magically appear with all manner of grievances against the patriarchy whenever cameras are around. Jeff Flake, being the gutless wonder than the is, reacted to this by betraying his colleagues by pushing for more investigation into the background of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.


That prompted this from Ian Milhiser of ThinkProgress. Milhiser, keep in mind, actually graduated law school, though he’s most famous for Weekly Standard fact-checking one of his anti-Kavanaugh videos into Facebook oblivion.

Milhiser is one of the tough-guy Soy Boys who have sprung up on the left. Another is Peter Daou, a seemingly unemployed grifter and former member of of, I’m not making this up, HillaryMen. Daou likes to brag about being a member of the Lebanese Phalange militia as a teen and all the tough training he had. Note to Daou, if you are going to brag about being a member of a combat organization, pick one that is noted for something beyond killing helpless and unarmed civilians. Milhiser, for his part,claims to have studied an unspecified martial art for seven years.

So I am a martial artist. Which means it’s pretty much inevitable that I’ll break a bone every now and then. I’d been at it for seven years.

When he started getting dragged, he deleted the tweet.


(FWIW, I’m a second dan, i.e. second degree black belt, in kendo, I’ve had lots of bruises but no broken bones.)

As I posted yesterday, we’re at what will eventually be seen to be a break point in American history. The gutlessness of the GOP in rewarding terrorism and thuggery, as it did yesterday, is not going to make things better. It is going to make them worse. The only saving grace is that assclowns like Milhiser are trying to make the worse at an accelerated pace.

I’ve mostly shied away from Kurt Schlichter’s “militant normals” rhetoric over the past several months but I’m reconsidering my decision. It is becoming increasingly clear that all these people understand is force and fear. In the final analysis, I’m sure my side is much more capable of wielding force and generating fear than Milhiser and the SJW brigade and the pathetic p***ies who call themselves antifa. For sure, most of us are made of much sterner stuff than Jeff Flake. If this is what they want, I’m pretty much willing to go along with it and we’ll see go cries uncle first.



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