NBC Claims It Has Corroboration of Ford's Assault Story but All It Really Has Is #FakeNews

Lies and the Spreading of Fake Information

This morning, NBC News has a breathless claim that it is in possession of statements from four people who “corroborate” the increasingly non-credible allegations of Christine Ford, the California woman who claims that she was groped by a drunken Brett Kavanaugh some 37 years ago. I say non-credible for several reasons.


Ford can’t remember a year, a month, or a place where the alleged assault took place and she can’t remember how she got there or how she got home. That is a helluva lot of forgetting.

Ford named four people who were allegedly at the “party” where this took place. One of them is a life-long friend of hers. None of them recall such a party.

Ford never mentioned this event to anyone for 30 years, until she was in marriage counseling.

Ford wanted to delay the Senate hearing because she said she has a fear of flying.

Ford has reportedly told friends she is uncomfortable in confined spaces, indicating a physical difficulty in making the trip by plane.

Yet she received her PhD in Hawaii and she, in this letter, apparently flew to and from the “mid-Atlantic” (have no idea whether this means MD-DE-NJ-NY or Bermuda) in August…after she made the complaint to Feinstein but before she knew she would have to testify.


Anyway, this is the new evidence.

The four people are:

  • Her husband who says he first heard the story in marriage counseling in 2012.
  • A friend who says Ford first mentioned the alleged assault in 2016 and attributed it to an unnamed ‘federal judge’ and on June 29, 2018, said it was Kavanaugh.
  • A friend who says Ford first mentioned the alleged assault in 2013 and attributed it to an unnamed ‘federal judge.’
  • A friend who says Ford first mentioned the alleged assault in 2017 and attributed it to an unnamed ‘federal judge.’

Charitably, this is not “corroboration,” this is gossip. All it substantiates is that she mentioned an alleged assault by Kavanaugh twice, however, we know from previous reports that the Kavanaugh story appeared about the same time as he was being touted for a Supreme Court seat in a Romney administration. We can believe that she actually told these people the story and we are still left with everything else. The witness denials, the inexplicable inability to remember, the 30-year lag in remembering.


NBC can call this “corroboration” until the cows come home. It isn’t. But I do have four letters corroborating Trump’s claim that Ted Cruz’s father shot JFK and I’m going to make a fortune off them.

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