You Just Have to Read Christine Ford's Improbable Description of Her Accusation of Brett Kavanaugh

The showdown between Christine Ford and Brett Kavanaugh is only about 12 hours away and both parties have submitted their statements to the committee. Kavanaugh’s is very much in keeping with the statement he released earlier in the week when he served notice on the Senate that he was not withdrawing.


And now we have Christine Ford’s statement. It is, well, sort of exotic.

She confirms that all she can remember is that Kavanaugh is Satan.

The number of people at the party continues to change

This is the most interesting part. We know the incident first surfaced when the Fords were in marriage counselling. This adds some color to the context:

I sort of had to laugh at this, having built a home with my wife and I acting as the general contractors. It is easy to see why they ended up in marriage counselling. It is even easier to see how this story could come about. The fact that there doesn’t seem to be two front doors is also germane.


I don’t see how any of this is going to move the needle one way or another. Kavanaugh is adamant it didn’t happen. All the witnesses named by Ford say it didn’t happen. That is what is known as a slam dunk. This is no longer he-said-she-said. This is four credible witnesses saying that nothing resembling Ford’s story ever took place. I don’t know if she’s a liar who is obsessed with converting her hatred of Kavanaugh and the GOP into fame and fortune (that is the simplest theory), or if she’s mentally ill, or if she was actually attacked by someone at some point and has mentally turned Kavanaugh into the attacker. And none of that really matters. All that matters is that the clear weight of evidence says the alleged assault did not take place.

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