Dianne Feinstein Is Not Sure Christine Ford Is Telling the Truth, So Why Is She Doing This?

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A little earlier today, California Senator and possible Chicom agent of influence Dianne Feinstein was commenting on the way she has managed to turn the confirmation hearing for Brett Kavanaugh into something halfway between a goat-rope and a county fair. She had the most amazing comment:


Speaking to Fox News Tuesday, Feinstein said she “can’t say everything’s truthful” about the accusation from California professor Christine Blasey Ford.

Ford, said Feinstein, is “a woman that has been, I think, profoundly impacted, on this,” Fox’s Chad Pergram reports. “I can’t say that everything is truthful. I don’t know,” Feinstein added.

Feinstein also told Fox that she knows that Ford “did not want to go public,” which is “why I made the letter,” but the situation was taken out of her control. Asked what will happen if Ford decides not to testify Monday, Feinstein said, “I have no say,” stressing that the handling of the hearing is in Republicans’ hands.

Why would you act the way Feinstein has acted in this matter unless you were as certain of the truthfulness of the complainant as you were of your own name. But, by Feinstein’s own admission, she doesn’t know, or apparently care, if the allegations are true.

Her later walkback, if you take time to read it instead of just having Jake Tapper and Chris Cillizza interpret it for you, is actually not much of a departure from what she says in the video.


Credible is not the same as truthful. Credible is an appearance, truthful is a state of being. Sure she looks credible. She’s a college professor (that is actually supposed to make her more credible in the left’s world, I’d believe a taxi driver first), she has the right schools. She’s protested Trump and signed petitions against Trump policies. She doesn’t seem totally bonkers. But you’ll note that at no point does Feinstein say, “of course she’s telling the truth.”

Setting out to destroy a man’s most precious possession, that being his reputation, for sh**s and grins, because you can, is horrible behavior. There was a time when this kind of behavior would have been very painful if not fatal and the reputation of the accuser would have suffered. But we aren’t living in those times and so Feinstein and her recruited liar, Christine Ford, will be declared heroes. It is Kavanaugh, an innocent man, who will have his reputation permanently damaged.


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