Melodramatic Weather Channel Reporter Gets Dragged By Twitter Over His Fake News Report

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Hurricanes coverage has been the bread-and-butter of television reporters since Dan Rather burst on the national scene by live coverage of Hurricane Carla in 1961:

Over time, the stereotypical coverage involves a weatherman in high-speed inclement weather gear standing outside and saying, “Yep, this rain sure is wet.” This, I guess, is news to a lot of watchers of storm coverage, particularly if they are CNN viewers. Such was the case with the Weather Channel reporter Mike Seidel covering Hurricane Florence coming ashore in Wilmington, NC.

This is pretty standard fare up until 0:15…when two guys stroll down the street totally unaffected by the wind. Surprisingly, Brian “Tater” Stelter comes to the defense of a network the often beats CNN in ratings:

And, for his efforts, was hooted off the internet.

Bottom line is that wet grass or no, this was as much a fraudulent segment as anything ever generated by Brian Williams. And the internet being what it is, Seidel was mercilessly mocked. Enjoy.

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