Washington Post and CNN Breathlessly Flog Cory Booker's Hoax About Leaking Confidential Documents

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Lies and the Spreading of Fake Information

Yesterday, New Jersey senator Cory Booker created quite a stir. He claimed he was risking expulsion by the Senate for his release of “confidential” documents–which, by the way, showed Brett Kavanaugh’s discomfort with the idea of racially profiling airline passengers right after 9/11–those documents had actually been cleared for release the night before and Booker knew that at the time.


This is how the Washington Post covered it: Cory Booker and Senate Democrats just went into open revolt in the Kavanaugh hearings.

What has become clear is that Senate Democrats are willing to do anything short of walking out of the hearing to try to stop Kavanaugh’s nomination from going forward. They have few tools at their disposal to stop Kavanaugh from getting on the court. It only requires a majority vote to confirm his nomination, and Republicans hold a 51-to-49 majority.

Within that context comes this remarkable display of civil disobedience from Senate Democrats. Behind the scenes for weeks, they and their aides argued that Republicans were trying to rush through Kavanaugh’s nomination and hide something from his past that could jeopardize his chances. Now, it is blown up in front of the cameras — and it is anyone’s guess as to what will happen next.

By the time the article went live in was already known that Booker had lied about the emails being confidential.


This is CNN’s slack-jawed wonderkind, Chris Cillizza: Cory Booker threatened to break the rules to show he can play Donald Trump’s game.

Who has the right in this is hard to tell amid the spin — and the possibility of miscommunication and mixed signals. But make no mistake: Booker got what he wanted here. Democratic activists won’t care about the timing of the release of the documents. They will remember Booker staring down the Republican Senate majority and President Trump. Remember, presidential politics is, at times, a performance. And Booker gave this one his all.

What Booker did — with clear intent — on Thursday morning was to show he’s not going to be cowed by the rules of the Senate. Or by a bully. He’s going to say, “Bring it,” and get ready to scrap.

I’m sure Cillizza was in desperate need of a damp washcloth and a cigarette after writing that…and maybe some paper towels and Windex for his monitor.

Anytime the news media tells you that they don’t have skin in this game, you know you’re being lied to. They are the propaganda arm of the DNC. They have been since the Kennedy administration. They will say or do whatever it takes to help out the Democrats. There was no revolt here. If any due diligence had been shown by either the Post or CNN, neither of these stories would have run because a call to the staff director of the Judiciary Committee would have revealed the documents were already approved and the real story…one they’d never run…would have been on the grandstanding by Booker.



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