Heckling Jim Acosta Is as Much an Exercise of the First Amendment as Anything CNN Has Done Recently

Screengrab from https://youtu.be/Xc_BbluvRNE

Screengrab from https://youtu.be/Xc_BbluvRNE


Jim Acosta made the trip to Tampa yesterday to cover a Trump rally there. As was to be expected, Acosta did not receive a warm welcome. But he did receive a hilarious one.


FACT CHECK: CNN does suck. It rates next to last in trust of all networks.

Predictably, Acosta and his fellatistos made him a martyr.


Keep in mind, none of these people are offended by Antifa riots, or menopausal harpies wearing pussy hats and chanting “f*** Trump.” None of their sense of civility was offended when Sarah Sanders was refused service in a restaurant or when Michael Savage was sucker-punched while leaving a restaurant. These people are just feigning outrage because the mask is slowly being stripped off and revealing them to be nothing more or less than run-of-the-mill Democrat apparatchiks who carry water for whatever cause they are instructed to support.

Let’s look at this.

1. The worst that anyone can say about the crowd is that they learned their manners from Jim Acosta’s behavior in the White House press briefings.
2. No journalists were harmed in the making of this video.
3. The crowd was not hostile to Acosta, note Acosta retweets this:

4. This has zero to do with the First Amendment. In fact, it was a celebration of that right by the crowd. The fact that Congress can’t make laws restricting the right of people–people, not just blow-dried hirelings of Jeff Zucker–to report on events, doesn’t compel anyone else to cooperate with the media as they try to claim relevance and sell advertising.
5. The anti-Republican anti-conservative hysteria drummed up by the media has led to at least two armed attacks. One on the Family Research Council and another on the Congressional GOP baseball practice. To date, there have been no shootings of reporters.
6. You can’t reasonably expect people whom you hold in open contempt to really care about what you think.



What is really going on here is just a reality television episode. Trump and his communications apparatus need a foil. And if you called Central Casting as said “send me an arrogant, obnoxious ass with barely enough brain cells to find the front end of the camera,” Jim Acosta would show up. Acosta is desperate for any stunt that will vault CNN past the Food Network in viewership.











This is theater. And, based on the audience leaving Acosta alone and engaging in regular conversation with him between live-shots, it is pretty obvious that the audience has a very good idea of what is going on. Think of this as a WWE match and it really makes sense. But to try and tart this up as some kind of threat against journalists or an assault on the First Amendment is simply dishonest and, in most cases, it is knowingly dishonest.


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