If This Trump Tweet Doesn't Divert Attention From Everything Else Then His Twitter Power Is Dead

It seems to me that for the past day or so the White House has been using President Trump’s twitter account to try to move the conversation away from the Russia kerfuffle that dominated the news last week…was it really only last week? The objective seems to be to sling a variety of topics into the tubes of the internet and see which of them come out as catnip for the media.


For instance, we have Iran:

The FISA warrant application and Mueller investigation:

The Washington Post:

The Washington Post and Jeff Bezos:



Yesterday, of course, the White House Press Secretary revealed that Trump wants to pull the post-employment security clearances of several prominent pains in his butt.

But this may be the masterpiece:


It will be interesting to see if CNN can resist covering this for 24-hours.

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