Peter Strzok Has Left the Building...Escorted by Security

Multiple media reports that the former number two man in the FBI’s counterintelligence program, Peter Strzok, was escorted from the FBI building by security last Friday. Strzok, you’ll recall, is the guy who bragged of an “insurance policy” against Trump being elected and claimed, “We’ll stop him.” The action seems to be a suspension pending the outcome of an Office of Professional Responsibility investigation and a decision by FBI Director Christopher Wray.

This, of course, begs the question of what exactly do you have to do to get fired if you are in the upper echelons of the FBI? And what is known now that wasn’t know several months ago that would lead to this action?

Overwhelming odds are that Strzok gets fired. Wray is not floating on a layer of charisma and good feelings right now and Strzok’s evasions and his answers all make him radioactive. It is hard to believe that he’d be allowed back into the FBI in any investigative or management capacity.

There are five other agents under review for their texts. Miraculously, two of them also worked on the Mueller investigation.

And there are over 50 FBI agents who have been identified as having taken illegal gifts or gratuities from members of the press.

This is an agency in crisis. It has been thoroughly politicized. In fact, the DOJ IG is looking into the extent to which Strzok may be responsible for the counterintelligence investigation that kicked all of this mess off. Nothing I’ve seen thus far encourages me to think that Christopher Wray has the skills to reform the FBI or even comprehends the scope of the problem.

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