Bill Kristol Goes Bonkers Over Kim Jong Un's Deputy Meeting With Trump

Bill Kristol seems on the verge of making that inevitable jump from Republican who never found a war he didn’t like to full bore Democrat. Last week we learned that he’s participating in a joint fund raising effort with Democrat donors to try to hand the House and/or Senate over to the Democrats in order to spite Trump.


On Friday, the personal emissary of North Korean strongman Kim Jong Un, Kim Yong Chol (trivia, nearly 1/4 of all Koreans have the surname Kim), visited the White House to lock down the feasibility of a meeting between Kim Jong Un and President Trump. Part of the visit was to deliver a personal letter from Kim to Trump. No one knows how this meeting will turn out…North Korea is so short on foreign exchange that it literally cannot afford the hotel bill for Kim in Singapore and there is an international hat-passing going on now. But what we do know is that talking beats the hell out of shooting, particularly when the shooting is done with nukes.

This is how Bill Kristol reacts.

These are just juvenile. But then Kristol goes straight on to the patently dishonest and duplicitous.


In literally 10 seconds he could have found the actual photo of the scene via the White House social media team

But that would have been no fun.

It is really hard to understand what Kristol’s objections are here beyond grief over the failure of Hillary Clinton to be president or grief over a real sh**-kicker of a war that might be avoided. Right now, whether you like Trump or despise him, you should be rooting for his success in Singapore. If you can’t do that, then you probably have a few marbles that have popped loose rolling around in your skull.


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