Irony Is Dead and Trump and the Media Have Killed It

Ever since the GOP primaries, President Trump and the media have been in a running gunfight over the size of crowds attending Trump rallies. Why? Because Trump and the media have symbiotic relationship that compels them to constantly fight each other. I understand what Trump gets out of it, why the media is so anxious to torch its own credibility is just beyond me.


If you recall back in December, the Washington Post’s Dave Weigel simply invented a story about crowd size at a Trump rally in Pensacola, FL, that he had to retract. In January, the media held what amounted to a journalistic 9/11 Commission to investigate crowd size at the inauguration. I think the final verdict was that it wasn’t orders of magnitude larger than anything that had ever happened on the Mall but, to tell you the truth, I lost interest. Now the crowd size story has become de rigeuer for reporters covering Trump events.

The second running fight between the president and the press is #FakeNews. Trump tends to label unfavorable news as #FakeNews and this has caused the media to circle the wagons and defend virtually any story as being true if Trump attacks it.

Sometimes memes collide producing contrasts that are both ironic and hilarious. This vignette comes from Trump’s rally in Nashville last week.

First up we have #FakeNews and the snooty reaction to it.

And hard on its heels we have the perfect storm of crowd size and #FakeNews.

Too bad she didn’t get the kid’s name. He seems to have had the gift of prophecy.


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