As the US Embassy Opens in Jerusalem Both Palestinians and Democrats Are Angry

At 9 a.m. this morning, the US Embassy officially moved to Jerusalem. The opening was timed to coincide with the 70th anniversary of Israel’s independence. It represents both the fulfillment of a campaign promise by then-candidate Donald Trump and the culmination of the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995.


The movement of the US Embassy to Jerusalem reorders the outlines of a proposed peace settlement that has failed to gain agreement from the Palestinians since the days of the Carter Administration (what did Einstein call doing the same thing over and over an expecting different results?) and it reflects the general strategy being implemented by the Trump administration. The threat of Iranian aggression has pushed the Arab world closer to the United States. Hamas cozying up to Lebanese Hezbollah has made working with them much more problematic for Arab states. In fact, the efforts by Hamas to further destabilize Sinai have improved cooperation between Israeli and Egyptian security forces. With the threat of widespread anti-Israel demonstrations off the table, the Trump administration has reacted to Palestinian intransigence by withdrawing things. US monetary support for the Palestinian authority is now under review because of the stipends it pays to the families of terrorists. Israel has been given the go-ahead to increase housing density in existing settlements effectively making those settlements a permanent part of Israel rather than bargaining chips. And now the pipe dream of a Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem is effectively gone.


The Palestinians scheduled demonstrations for today to try to overshadow the embassy move.


The Arab League has called an emergency meeting on the subject. There will be some harrumphing but, ultimately, they will do nothing as this move was baked into their domestic politics months ago.

And many nations refused to attend.

I’m still waiting to hear from the rabid NeverTrumpers who swore that Trump would never move the US embassy to Jerusalem…well, I’m not actually waiting because we all know they will never concede Trump is not the Anti-Christ.

Among those failing to attend were a single Democrat member of Congress despite the fact that all had been invited. The only prominent Democrat in attendance was Connecticut’s Joe Lieberman.


Sort of pathetic that the handful of longtime supporters of Israel in the Democrat caucus in Congress decided to try to spite Trump by making the embassy opening a purely partisan affair rather than giving him credit for the courage to reject conventional wisdom and the experts who have been wrong for fifty years and do what was right.


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