Sarah Sanders Drops a Truth Bomb on John Kerry's "Shadow Diplomacy"

John Kerry’s “shadow diplomacy,” that is, his efforts to work with Iran and some other countries to keep the Iran nuclear deal alive in the face of an expected withdrawal from the agreement by President Trump, has been getting a lot of attention. (See my posts here | here.)


A reporter asked White House press secretary Sarah Sanders about this in the press conference today. They weren’t prepared for what they got:

REPORTER: “John Kerry’s shadow diplomacy, how does that impact the deliberations?”

HUCKABEE SANDERS: “I don’t think it impacts it at all. I think the President spoke out about that pretty clearly. And I don’t think we would take advice from somebody who created what the President sees to be one of the worst deals ever made. I’m not sure why we would start listening to him now.”

As the man said, “truth ain’t mean, truth is just truth.”

John Kerry is a dolt. He’s never found a truly bad idea he can’t sign onto and make much worse. His involvement in the disastrous agreement Barack Obama cut with Iran, one that knowingly gives them nuclear weapons, disqualifies him to advise anyone on the subject. Cutting Kerry off at the knees was something the White House should have done much earlier, way before the Echo Chamber started pushing the narrative that Kerry was moving heaven and earth to keep the deal alive.


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