Benjamin Netanyahu's Speech on Iranian Nukes Did Have an Audience and It Was a Lot More Than One Person

On Monday, Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu gave a stunning presentation of Iranian nuclear design documents stolen right from under the noses of the mullah-ocracy by Mossad. In all, there were over a half-ton of paper documents and electronic storage media lifted from a secure warehouse and smuggled to Jerusalem.


Two major lines of attack have been developed by the Iran nuclear deal echo chamber that still responds to Ben Rhodes’ commands. The first line is that there is nothing new in the document dump. This is an utter lie. The very fact that the documents existed is new and it contradicts the assurances Iran gave to signatories on the deal and to the IAEA.

The second line of attack is that the only audience Netanyahu had was Donald Trump and, as we all have been told, the only way to engage him is by being on Fox and Friends.


If you’ve followed the media for any period of time you recognize this pattern. This is the media groupthink plus access to JounoList 2.0. They have a cute phrase “audience of one” and they repeat it like some sort of Hindu mantra. Who can forget the commentary in 2000 when George Bush selected Dick Cheney to be his running mate.

And this, from the summer of 2015, on why Donald Trump was inevitably going to fade away:

The “audience of one” is simply bullsh**. We know that Trump had already been briefed on the Israeli operation and the data. Trump needed the speech to pave the way for his decision–which, my guess, was already made–to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal. But there was a target audience. In fact, there were several.

The presentation was important because it showed the Western world, in stark terms, what their governments and the IAEA have been too craven to admit. Iran lied about their nuclear weapons program before the deal. And they are still lying about the deal. There is going to be a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth in Berlin because of the amount of Iranian cash they are going to lose. Now the German people have an idea of why the deal was bad. More importantly, Netanyahu, in coordination with the White House, chose to release the documents as part of the debate over the continued US participation in the Iran nuclear deal.


Trump is going to take some political heat when he leaves the deal, this presentation went over the heads of the echo chamber gatekeepers and confirmed for millions of voters what they already knew.

The presentation was also aimed at the Arab world. It showed them that the Iranians are basically buffoons. It made them look ridiculous. And, of course, it reinforced the belief that is already deeply held in the Arab world that Mossad can do anything.

The third audience was Iran, both the people and the government. The presentation showed the people just how ineffectual and incompetent the government is. Though Western media stopped covering Iranian protests weeks ago, these protests have become a fact of life in Iran. If you are at all familiar with the overthrow of the Shah, there was a similar pattern of regular protests over the span of about a year that brought increasing concessions from the government until finally Ayatollah Khomeini was allowed to return from exile and the revolution got real. The demonstrations have already exposed political fault lines in the ruling clique and you can bet the theft of these documents will be great ammunition for those on the edge of power to use against those who are ruling.


Netanyahu’s speech should be seen as a strategic exercise that not only gave Trump cover at home to do what needs to be done, but it damaged the credibility of the Iranian regime throughout the Middle East.


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