BREAKING. Huge Mother of All Explosions Hits Syrian City of Hama (VIDEO)

Right now reporting is sketchy and confused. This is the synopsis: Sunday evening, Damascus time, several Syrian Army bases were struck by what appear to be airstrikes. There was a major explosion at a Syrian Army base near the city of Hama. Not only was the base a headquarters for a Syrian brigade but it was the base of operations for IRGC militia. Lebanese papers are saying that missiles were fired into the base. They don’t say by whom, but everyone knows what they are insinuating. How major? It registered at over 2 on the Richter Scale.


Here is some coverage.


The report about using Jericho missiles is interesting. The Jericho is Israel’s Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile–the tweet, unsurprisingly, is wrong about one thing, the Jericho 1 is retired from service. This would be a huge escalation. I doubt that’s the case because if Israel had fired an IRBM missile defense radar across the region, particularly that aboard the Aegis-equipped surface combatants off Syria, would have lit up.

Regardless, this series of strikes seems to have made no attempt to differentiate between Syrians and Iranians. That is significant.


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